Thursday, June 18, 2009

Smoky Glass and Daisy-5x5-SOLD

This daisy was hard to paint. the spotlight was causing it to shrink from the heat. everytime i looked it and its shadow was changing. made it loose and the glass was a blast to paint.

Workin' the New River-8x10

This will be in the Coral Bay Show that City Art Gallery is having next weekend at the country club in the Atlantic Beach area. i usually do well with boat paintings there every year thus all the boat/water scenes. not to mention i love painting them. the compound angles and colors are mesmerizing and who doesnt love water?
This was one of those silvery hot overcast days. i think i captured the light "key" with all the cooler colors. i'm working on seeing the beauty of these kind of days and painting it. hope i was successful on this one. what do you think?


Shirley Peters said...

Great work on both of these paintings, Mike.
I have just found your blog... love your work, and the name...

mike rooney studios said...

thanks for stopping by. and thanks for your kind words.