Monday, June 8, 2009

Big and Small Shrimper-SOLD

Here's a little ditty from the 'friendly city by the sea' Swansboro. the fun i had on this one was trying to capture the light "key". it's a partly cloudy day and the shadows and light are compressed into a narrow range and the temperature of the overall painting is cooler than it would be had the sun been out full on. i like the look of it. as ive said in the past... this is one of the hardest lighting conditions to paint when the sun comes in and out because the lighting effect is changing every 10 minutes. you paint alot from memory when this happens. some people paint two paintings at once. when its partly sunny they work on one and when the sun comes out, they grab that second one and work on it. i've never really enjoyed doing that. i'd rather increase my memory and observation powers. Like a plein air super hero LOL

Been rockin' about three to four paintings a day for the last several sunny days getting ready for two big events in a few weeks. i wont be posting them online. they'll be on display for the first time at Vision Gallery in Atlantic Beach starting June 27th and a few of them will be at the Coral Bay Country Club Show, also at the end of the month. come and check em out at the reception on June 27th at Vision from 6-8 pm.


Denise Rose said...

Beautiful Mike! Sounds like you have been really busy! I bought another one of your videos yesterday while visiting the Jerry's in Nashville. Can't wait to find some time to watch it!

mike rooney studios said...

denise thanks! it has been busy....summer time has shows to paint for, workshops, and private lessons. keeps you hopping.
hope you like your second dvd. let me know what you think....