Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August Morning-SOLD


The bigger ones are coming easier now that i've been doing them a lot lately.

today was bloody hot and humid. heat index probably close to 100.
i found a little trick on this one. i scrubbed on some walnut oil and thinner on the gessoed canvas before starting and that made the paint glide around early on like i wanted. then i went without medium once i had it blocked in "cape cod" style.
i like how this one came out. has that dogday august look to it!


Steve said...

The "S" curve in the marsh really makes this painting. I can almost smell the marsh mud when I'm looking at it. Really nice...

mike rooney studios said...

thanks steve. i can still smell the mud on my flipflops too LOL.

"s" helps lead you into the scene. neat little magic trick