Monday, August 17, 2009


18x24- oil on canvas

'07 and '08 Studio Sale

One from Wrightsville Beach last summer. this painting sold for more than twice this last year but since its an '08 i'm willing to let someone steal it.

if i didnt tell you it was painted last year would you have known it? why not save?


Anonymous said...

Mike- Love the way you broke up the canvas into forms of geometry.
What a terrific painting. The way you use green, leaves me -----with envy.

PS- Hope Jamie continues to improve.


Justin Holdren said...

Ditto on the use of greens - they're great. This makes me want to go to the ocean - NOW!

Neiley Harris said...

Mike, It's so great to see you back to work making so many beautiful paintings. I love checking in daily. This painting is so calming. Hope Jamie is well, I'm still praying for him every day.

mike rooney studios said...

bonnie- thanks lady! the ex-sign painter in me just sees alot of geometry in nature and i subconciously paint it i guess. there's a trick to haveing variety in greens. mix the first half of the painting using yellow and blue and the second half of the painting mixing greens using variations of sap green. try it and see if it doesnt work. jamies doing great b. thanks for the support during all that!

justin- see above for tip on greens. a bad day at the beach is better than a good day inland. head on down to the water!

Neily- thanks too. and thanks for the prayers for jamie. he's doing great!

Tracy Bell said...

Love the light-

mike rooney studios said...

tracy- thanks. this was done last year, and i took out a piece of a building that i felt was a little distracting. its funny how you can see little stuff wrong after its been out of sight and out of mind for a year. wish i didnt have to put em on a gallery wall till i had that kind of "distance" from them but we know that aint gonna happen! LOL