Thursday, August 6, 2009

Intercoastal Beaches-SOLD

i really like this one and i think i'll be doing it 8x20 or so, and maybe even bigger, later.

i promised a few people that i'd post my home-made painting easel. here it is.
what i did was turn a piece of pegboard over and nailed 1"x2"s into a square on the back to firm up the pegboard. then i set it in a cheap easel like you can get at any art supply store.
i use pegboard hardware to hold up the paintings. now you can move them all around for any size painting you want. no muss. no fuss!
did this because the easel by itself made the painting either to low or i couldnt do small pieces on it. now with the pegboard its easy to work on any size in seconds. i've found clothespins, and Bulldog clips work great to hold small paintings if you clip at the edge of the pegboard.
give it a try and see if you dont like it better.


Gaye Sekula: Impressions said...

Very practical and clever. Thanks for sharing, Mike!

Justin Holdren said...

Hey Mike, thanks for the idea. I just did this today and I can even have multiple small paintings going at the same time on the same easel. Thanks! Also works great for having your reference study or photo right there close.

mike rooney studios said...

being able to do "daily size" or 24x30's on the same easel in just seconds is fantastic too! glad you like it.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...


mike rooney studios said...

mary- dont know about that but thanks. its nice to be appreciated

Tracy Bell said...

You are the McGiver of painting! I love that you share your talents, insights and discoveries with others. You are the greatest!

mike rooney studios said...

Tracy- give me some duct tape and chewing gum wrapper (for the heat shield) and i can make a spaceship! LOL
necessity is the mother of invention!