Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oceana Pier Overlook-8x10-SOLD

This is the oceana pier, an iconic pier in atlantic beach that has withstood decades of the worlds worst hurricanes and nor'easters. hard to believe it's in danger of falling to developement. there is talk that it may be torn down if the property is turned into condos etc.

that blows me away that it can withstand acts of God and may be torn down by man.....lost to future generations of fisherman and surfers who surf near it because it makes waves. sand piles up around the pilings and raises the profile of the sand under the water. the water comes in out of the deep water and slams into that, causing a nice peeling wave on the surface.
hundreds of thousands have enjoyed this pier over the years. maybe we'll be able to keep keep using it for many more decades to come.


Kathy Weber said...

Nice painting! Hope the pier survives. Damn developers!

mike rooney studios said...

its already almost impossible to paint waterfront and now theyre going to develope another of the few public access points. soon we wont even be able to get to the water unless we trespass to do it. i already trespass at least half the time, to paint the things i do.

seems like up your way there are lots of state parks and undeveloped coastal spots where you paint. thats cool. youre very lucky.