Thursday, August 13, 2009

Part II- Dreamy Marsh- available

Dreamy Marsh- 30x40
the finished product.
in the last phase i just make subtle temperature and value shifts in each shape, breaking big shapes into smaller shapes.
my acid test for that is....if i can squint and NOT see the difference (from a distance of say 6 ft on one this big) its considered "subtle enough".
can y'all believe how big i've been painting this summer?! this is the highest volume of big paintings i've ever done. theyre getting easier and easier, the more of them i do.


Jill Berry said...

Very nice work. Thanks for explaining your process. I looked at the finished piece & thought how does he do that.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks so much! hope the demo's helpful.
saw where you used to live in nc.that's cool. i'm all over the outer banks. great place to paint. a local from out there used to say you could paint a pc of *^%&%
with a lighthouse on it and a tourist would buy it.
cant paint one now to save my life LOL

Tracy Bell said...

I love that you are going big! Your paintings deserve to be big!

mike rooney studios said...

tracy- i've been surprised how easy they can be once you stay super loose and use big brushes! i'm kinda likin' it in fact
thanks for the nice words trace!

Douglas Hoover said...

Geez Mike, this is a billboard! I'm certainly impressed by the way you handled the brushstrokes. It has that classic "Rooney" style... only bigger.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks man! i'm enjoying the "billboards". for a while anyway.