Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wilmington Rooftops-SOLD

This was done from the same exact spot that i did Front St. Watering Hole from (post from a few days ago-below)
nothing like setting up once and getting a few sweet little paintings without having to tear down and move.
Here's a tip too. Most parking decks are free on the weekends and in wilmington the parking meters and parking decks are free on sundays. its murder doing urban locations during the week. now i wait until the weekends when there's less street traffic so i dont have to hike a long way from my parked truck and parking's free.
At the prices i sell these paintings for, every dollar i save is huge!

An Old Workhorse- 5x7


Justin Holdren said...

I love these Mike. I really am drawn to the one of the truck. I know what you mean about saving bucks as an artist. We let so many go for so little to get 'em out there so our prices eventuiallly rise. Where else can you get something that you can hand down to your kids for $50? Your small ones are a steal at that price!

Justin Holdren said...

oops! I meant eventually. No "i" in there!

mike rooney studios said...

justin- thanks man. they are a great deal in anybodys book. but i think of them as studys for other larger work and dont mind lettin em go for that. good for marketing purposes! read my Sundays post on some tips for going fulltime.....
you stay it!!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Both of these are great. Good observations, here, about the 'biz'.

mike rooney studios said...

mary- the tips on the biz are just things that i've done in every business i've started (this is my fourth) that seem to work and get you out in front of the local pack. now to just stay there!! thanks mary