Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Few in the Wetbox

as is always the case when youre on the road painting, it took a day or two to get my painting groove on. got up to the cape yesterday late afternoon (after about 18 hrs of driving) and went out to get the "first one" out of the way. there's a period of time where you have a "rusty" feeling when you first arrive at a different locale. youve been traveling, its a different area of the country, and God help you if you did a workshop the week before like i did, painting very little that week.
went out yesterday and ive gotta say that first one was tuff! But the second painting this morning went easier, and by the "golden hour" painting in the afternoon, i was hitting my stride. this morning i purposely did some boats and water where i feel really comfortable. then this afternoon i did water and some architecture which is harder but helps me "ratchet" it up even more.

gotta tweak em and take photos but i'll get em up here as soon as some cloudy weather keeps me from being out in the field painting as hard as possible. the show i'm painting for will be around ten days from now. gotta quit reminding myself how little time there is for such a big task. like the nike ad says "just do it!"


Barbara said...

Great to see you safely landed on the Cape! That is a LONG drive.looking forward to seeing the beautiful new work.

Justin Holdren said...

Enjoy the Cape Mike! Looking forward to seeing those paintings!

mike rooney studios said...

barbara- long drive but worth it. the workshop went great and the demo at the gallery too. you'd love the scenery up here. it reminds me alot of bald head

justin- ive never wanted a cloudy day as much as i do right now. i've got a bunch to fix up into gallery ready pix and need a cloudy day soon to do it. will get em up online as soon as possible.