Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Today is Free Painting Give-Away Day!

(about 15 feet up in the air)

Well, my kiteboarding passion has reared its dangerous head. i may have broken my left ring finger (altho it could be a very nasty sprain) and its swelled up and tender to the touch. totally sapped all desire to paint today so i went and visited a gallery owner friend of mine and ate grouper. best medicine around!
we'll see how it feels tomorrow and if the throbbing subsides but i read online that it could take weeks for the swelling and tenderness to go. i hope not. i need to get out three commissions and about fifteen paintings in the next three weeks.

today seems like a good day to announce the FREE PAINTING GIVEAWAY IS TODAY!

send me an email in the next three days with 'free painting' in the subject line and your mailing address in the body of the letter to register.

even the shipping is free! everybody is eligible (even you gallery owners)

this is the free painting

Electric Clouds- 8x6

Good Luck!!

1 comment:

Frank Gardner said...

How's that finger feeling Mike?
But you are right handed, no?