Monday, February 23, 2009

Dancing Shadows-SOLD

Didnt paint today. this ones from Sunday. a clear chilly day from nags head on the Outer Banks.

today was the first of a weeklong workshop. i had all the students painting in monochrome color just learning to see everything in five values. much easier than trying to paint the hundreds of values the eye actually can see. we painted cubes i made out of construction paper and lit up on one side with photo flood lights. then they tried to describe the still life cube using around five values. it simplified the painting process and the cubes looked like cubes sitting on a table. i know it doesnt sound challenging..... but you ought to try it. guaranteed to make you see and paint better. whats more important? seeing or painting? definately seeing!

tomorrow we will break out the colors now that they know how to see value.

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Steve said...

I really like the way the porch is partially obscured by the grasses. The entire thing looks warm and welcoming-can almost hear the surf in the background and see Jennifer O'Neill strolling up the beach!