Thursday, February 12, 2009


I'll be teaching a three day painting workshop next week at Studio 123 in raleigh Feb 17-19 so if you'd like to sign up please email me for the details. you can do one day, two, or all three days.

painted this fun scene of a few people enjoying the surf on one of those hot steamy summer days that the NC coast is famous for. these past few pretty and warm days have given me the itch to revisit these types of scenes in paint. wont be long now!

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Anonymous said...

I really admire the way you boldly block in the suggestion of body, face and movement. No painting of eyelashes here.

It's a good composition too- lots of energy.

Wish I could be there for your workshop. I'm picturing the enthusiasm and liveliness you infuse in your teaching, just like your paintings and your words.