Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nags Head Sunrise-6x8-SOLD

OK let me brag a minute :D

this is the view i saw when i rolled over in the bed this morning! the beach cottage that i'm staying in and that we're holding our workshop in sits right on the ocean and feels like you can reach out and touch the water. it's absolutely beautiful.

i wanted to sleep in just a little but HAD to get up and paint this and as soon as i got it blocked in it was gone. just did get the colors and feel down, before it went all glary and the sun was up over that big cloud in front and it was gone.

mixed the colors (3-4 light values and 3-4 dark values) and furiously tried to get the scene down.

today in class i showed how any color imaginable can be mixed from red, yellow, blue and white. at the end of the day the ladies were saying they didnt need the forty colors they had in bags resembling suitcases. now they can carry 4-6 colors and make any color imaginable. its liberating for sure!

Here's the view off the cottage's back deck. there's maybe fifty feet of sand and then the waters edge. very cool during good weather but very precarious during hurricane season or Nor'easters, when i'm sure the water runs right up to the cottage's footing. if that happens enough the cottage tumbles into that pretty blue water you see there

is this a sweet place or what?

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