Monday, February 2, 2009

Pudding Cup-SOLD

I love these sugar free pudding cups. if you've seen photos taken of me after the holidays you'll know why they HAVE to be sugar-free! : )
you know i have to paint my favorite things. thats what's so neat about daily painting. whatever is on your mind or in front of you gets captured in that one moment in time, on canvas for the whole internet world to see.
a visual, virtual diary.

Been busy (finally) working on some bigger gallery pieces this week. whenever the temperature gets above 40 degrees, i remember that i'm a gallery painter with twelve that will be wanting lots of new work when the spring gets here. i dont want to shrug and say "i've got a bunch of little ones, if you want"
they dont mind a few small ones but they want bigger work from me. i did an 18x24 over the weekend and it felt like a billboard!
today i did an 8x10 and a 9x12. i'll be ready when spring gets here. i aim to please!

i dont sell the bigger ones on this blog but i will post them in addition to my daily's just so you can see what i'm painting and putting in galleries. that way you'll know where they went and you can look for them there (if you live in NC).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
My 8 and 5 yo instantly love this and said "Hey look Dad Pudding!"
I like it alot as well. I've got get going with some ordinary items paintings. How can you paint so small though? I'll have to try it.
I know what you mean by "Billboard" size. I did a 24x30" and I thought I was paint in another zip code at times. LOL.
Take care,