Saturday, February 7, 2009

Intercoastal Parking-SOLD

A little ditty from this morning. been a while since i've done a plein air boat. too cold the last few weeks to hit the marina's. forgot how you have to be careful that you dont drop a brush off the dock. if you do they go between the cracks and gone! you can't back up and look at your work either, unless you want to fall into chilly 45 degree water.

The Little Joe- 8x10- Call City Art if you're interested in this one

This one's from the merrills seafood docks in sneads ferry. one of my favorite haunts for backlit boats. the cool thing is that the little harbor sits in the woodline a little bit, so you get trees behind the docked boats. way cool!


Marie Fox said...

Love the lavender shadows on these two paintings. All over beautiful colors!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks. keeping the shadows colorful but realistic takes some doing doesnt it? i see them less saturated but fight the instinct to desaturate the blues and purples and this is what i end up with.
thanks for stopping by today!