Sunday, February 1, 2009

Workhorse II-SOLD

NOTE :this one has thick paint so forgive the glare

This one has a great story. as i was painting the study for this one, the guy who owned it came out and starting telling me about his great old truck.
he said in the late 60's he moved his whole family's belongings down to NC from up north in one trip. he said the stuff was strapped down in the back and it was five foot over the cab of the truck. he was scared he wouldnt get under some overpasses.
thats too funny!


Mikes1024 said...

This one is pretty cool...I like old vehichles in paintings for some reason. I have a photograph of an old pick up rotting in the woods in my some point when my skill level increases, I'm going to paint it. It's like a ghost sitting there all rusty..and it also looks like someone used it for target practice.

PAT MEYER -- said...

Reminds me of the good old days. I used a old truck on my web site.

mike rooney studios said...

mikes1024- why wait? paint it now! THEN when your "skill levels increase" compare. you'll be so pleasantly suprised! : )
old cars and trucks are cool arent they?

pat- they are very nostalgic arent they? i love anything from the sixties and early seventies. they are very squarish and fun to paint.