Friday, February 20, 2009

Magenta Rest-SOLD

I rescheduled tomorrow's Color 101 class to the 25th of April in Morehead City/Atlantic Beach. Too many people had committments and wanted something later. so if you'd like to sign up check out the right sidebar for a description of what you'll learn, how much etc.

In other news, just finished teaching a three day workshop in raleigh and headed straight to my weeklong workshop on the Outer Banks, so no time to upload new daily's.

i did paint today from the front seat of my truck and was pleased with how it came out but it needs a little work before i can post. got dark on me and didnt get it finished. i've always thought of painting from the warmth of the truck but was afraid i'd be so cramped. that was not the case. i was very comfortable and will be doing it all the time on those freezing cold days from now on. i probably added 75 painting days to my calendar!

here's a blast from the past. it's a graveyard in Key West. there was something magical about the white and purple gravestones in the tropical foliage. it was breathtaking. the painting has 'some' of that charm but how can paint even come close to something that beautiful? we must try tho! LOL

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Mikes1024 said...

Hi Mike, I really like this one...I kind of like cemetaries as well. I have some awesome photos of a local cemetary with autumn color. The bright light in your work is awesome...Michael.