Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ballerina Bride-6x6-SOLD

Working on a series of brides. i love the way their dresses are so full of light and the way they flow making great shapes that are large compared to their torso shapes.

Evening Clouds- 30x40


This one just went to City Art in Greenville. if you're interested give them a shout. i took five new paintings to them yesterday.


Leslie Saeta said...

Mike - both of these paintings are lovely. I love your clouds and sky and you bride is so carefree. Nice job!

Steve said...

Mike, I love the way you have done those dresses-really beautiful. I have a question about the bride's face-would it detract from the composition to suggest or hint at facial features, do you think? I am just wondering about the absence of suchs hints, is all.