Friday, March 13, 2009

Blue Sliver-7x5-$50

$8 s/h
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Really wanted to do a warm cozy interior today. its chilly and damp outside and i hung around the studio all day today.

i did all but the finer details with the painting upside down! i flipped the reference photo upside down and the canvas too. this way is fun to paint because all you see is shapes and not couches, pillows, etc. then when youre finished you flip it right side up again and see what that triangle was, what that dull orange shape was.
a pillow! who knew.
the painting stays loose this way and is great training for seeing like a painter has to to see. we want to see abstract shapes of a certain value, color and saturation. if it looks like what its supposed to-- thats the cherry on top!


Leslie Saeta said...

I cannot beleive you painted this one upside down! I might have to try that ... although I doubt mine will look as good as this!

mike rooney studios said...


give it a go. its fun and trains you to just see shapes. forget its a pillow, couch whatever. let me know how it turns out for you.