Friday, March 20, 2009

Southard St. Scenery(Key West)-SOLD

One from the neighborhoods in Key West.

by Bob Wilson- P.A.C.R. (Plein Air Academy of the Conch Republic)
Morning on Sugarloaf Sound- 8x10- SOLD

The Keys are really affecting me. i'm missing days posting, dont know or care what time it is, and hear steel drum music in my head while i'm painting.

My friend Bob and i are tearing up Key West painting near the wharf and in the neighborhoods painting conch houses. The above painting is by Bob done right off the back deck i talked about in the last post or two.


Anonymous said...

Wow Mike- this is a beauty- the glow, the contrasts, the brushwork, that trademark magenta making the green palms sing out- whew, this is a favorite. I'm heading over to PayPal- it's now titled " Mine "!!!!

Love it.

mike rooney studios said...

sorry it was sold before you could get it. thanks for the nice words about it :D