Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sugarloaf Key Leisure-SOLD

Threat over Shark Key- 9x12

Today's been kinda stormy here in the florida Keys, with a few minutes of sunshine in-between. hot and sticky of course. it is swimming distance from Cuba after all.

Did Sugarloaf Key Leisure this morning in my friend Bob's backyard. i cant resist a palm swaying to tropical breezes. he was upstairs putting the finishing touches on a sunrise painting. i showed a huge cloud bank over the keys silohuetted agains a beautiful magenta/coral sky. he nailed it, when he was finished i had to have it. its gonna look great on my wall at the house!

Later that day a storm popped up off the Atlantic and i had to paint it. it was magnificent, threatening to rain me out or blow me away. the easel was rocking a little from the gusts. the water took on a muted turquoise glow below the blue gray swirls. just too cool. this was done fast for obvious reasons. and as always i seem to like my hurried paintings because i dont load them down with unnecessary detail or (a new term ive come up with) "brush antics" LOL

Hope youre enjoying this taste of the tropics as much as i am being here doing them. Probably not! *)

Beach Boy like!