Saturday, March 7, 2009


More from this Timeless series i'm stuck on. its my way of remaining free. let me explain---
something that happens to alot (not all) of us artists. we paint a certain thing we like and folks love em and buy em like mad. then we paint something we like and you cant give them away. the temptation is to do more of the ones you know will sell, especially when you eat (or dont) off them. i mean who wants to paint something you know might just be in our "personal collection" indefinately LOL
but to remain what i call "independent" i keep painting ones that might remain unsold. its very liberating. if we only painted ones we thought would sell, we'd go mad. might even cut our ear off or something!

Light and Dark Waterfront- 8x10

This is the Morehead City waterfront. everybody who's ever been down there knows Capt Bills restaurant.
i like the way the building throws that heavy shadow down on the red brick sidewalk. and where else can you see a lighthouse behind a restaurant like this.


Anonymous said...

An enlightening premise and a good one. The balance you describe is tricky and this is the way to find the fulcrum that works for you.
Also being prolific means you can paint to every need- yours, theirs, the car payments, all of it.

Love the one dash of color across her face to illustrate what we know without the eyelashes.

Thinking someone named Bill needs to own that one below.

mike rooney studios said...

b- where ya been? i missed ya.
hope all's been well.
do you struggle with that problem of painting things you think will sell? how do you walk the tightrope. others would probably like to know as well. thanks