Friday, March 27, 2009

Waterside Parking (Marathon Key)-SOLD

Here's one painted from a scene on Marathon Key a few days ago.

that place is a boat painters paradise. theyre everywhere. in the water, on stanchions, in back yards, and parked up and down Hiway 1. i'll have to go spend more time there next time i go to the keys.

i put a slash of pink on the boat and what a nice complement to the turqouise water. even tho' its really not there it looks like it belongs. its just that spark needed.


paintingsbyb.price said...

yoooo! looks like your haven fun!
r u on facebook?

mike rooney studios said...

i just got on facebook recently. what a great time i had down there. you know.... its a fantastic vibe!
lets get together when i get out to OBX to teach in april. let me know. my cells 919-920-9718 if you want to call.

Steve said...

Marathon is a neat place for sure. We stayed in Grassy Key, a few miles north of there this Feb., so we were in Marathon a lot of the time. Did you see the lobster and crab traps stacked up all over the place? I thought they would make a nice little study. I have some pics you can use in case you didn't get any.

Leslie Saeta said...

I love the pink you added to the boat. It looks like a reflection and I think it does look like it belongs. The colors you use in your paintnigs are always wonderful.