Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Clouds over the Keys-6x6-SOLD


Sugarloaf Key Abode-6x6

Sorry all... i cant write much tonite. its after 12 pm and i'm bushed from all the travel. i'll just say that i made the grueling 18 hour trip down to Key West and without much trouble. Old Bessie (my '93 toyota) has a funny noise or two she didnt have when we left and i got lost in downtown Miami after midnight last night. i kept thinking "i hope Horatio Cane finds the punks who are gonna kill me tonite" but i found where i made the wrong turn and got the heck outta there. its a scary place for a beach bum after midnite. anyway i painted these two today, with my new friends Bob Wilson and his charming wife Sharman. we talked painting all day and did a few when the rains cleared out. then we watched painting DVD's. what a great day wearing flip flops, surfing baggies and hanging out with cool people. dont tell my wife about any of this... she thinks i suffer for my art. thats my story and i'm sticking to it!!!
we're going into Key West tomorrow to paint. i'll post em if theyre any good.


John & Dodi said...

Didn't we have fun in the workshop. Thanks. Dodi and I shared the work we did at the Brushstrokes meeting Monday night and breifly described the process. They were attentive. Glad you made it save and we are looking forward to your postings.
Today we are traveling to Jacksonville FL for a few days of R&R and plein air painting.
Your friends.

anne h ward said...

thought you had fallen off the end of the earth. glad to know you have arrived. paintings looks great. have always wanted to go to k.w. miami is as far as i have been. looking forward to more posts.

Steve said...

Yep, you gotta make that right turn on 821 I think it is, just south of the Miami airport, to get over to the turnpike. We missed it to and suddenly found ourselves somewhere in Miami that wasn't exactly South Beach. Coming back, Mike, it's a lot easier to stay on the Florida Turnpike out of the Keys until you get to the Ft.Pierce exit, Rt.70 or exit 70, whichever. Take that, go a mile or so to I-95, and get going north. Hope you have a great time!