Friday, March 6, 2009

Sitting on the Edge-SOLD

One of the iconic nags head cottages sitting right on the edge of the ocean. i did this one from a study i did while out there last week. sort of looks like the one i stayed in. love the way these old cottages lean and the roofs sag just a bit. real personality compared to the McMansions they build now.

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Afternoon Glow- 8x10

Done from the cab of my truck on a cold day in columbia, n.c. a small town on the way to nags head.


PAT MEYER -- said...

Beautiful little homes in N.C. It reminds me of that area. Well done.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks pat. they have an interesting history (these brown nags head cottages)
the folks that originally built them in the 2o's (guess)
they tore down their farmhouses and hauled the wood by boat across the sound onto the beach and rebuilt them. they built them on logs and they'd roll them close to the beach and when they were done vacationing they'd roll them away from the waters edge before they left. i'd have love to seen that. now they ocean just reclaims them if the beach erodes underneath them. a house's version of "dust to dust" :D

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