Saturday, March 28, 2009

Overcast Roofline-5x7

I was in charleston and it was overcast and rainy. the architecture looks so cool there that i like to paint it even in the overcast, shimmery atmosphere. i usually dont like this lighting effect but i did a few i'm happy with. this is the first. the other one was larger and i had fun painting it too (will show after some tweaks). hardly any yellow is used on a day like this. to show the difference in overcast scenes (cooler colors, no hard shadows) and sunny (the opposite)

compare with the one below.

The Lane (Key West)- 8x8- SOLD

This one has a funny story.

i accidently left my tripod for my painting box about 6 blocks away and didnt want to walk back so i slapped the box up on a trash can sitting on the sidewalk and duct taped it to the trash can so it wouldnt slide around. the wind was blowing that day around 30 mph but the adaptation worked like a charm. you gotta be inventive to be a plein air painter. always, always carry a roll of duct tape. its saved me more than once, out there in the wilds.

Near Schooner Wharf- 8x10

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Bay Street Boats-8x10


Rainy King Street- 10x8

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