Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Paintings for Upcoming Vision Gallery Show-nodp

Dreamy Afternoon Light- 8x8

The Silo- 9x12

The Trip Over- 8x10

Goat Island- 8x8


These are some of the new paintings that are headed for my upcoming show Light and Shadows- a solo show at Vision Gallery.

I've been real busy doing everything but painting for the last several days. folks think that painters just paint all day but we have to order frames, unpack em, shoot photos of the paintings and upload em on blogs, flickr, etc. and pack and ship paintings to galleries and keep alot of inventory records. and thats the short list. so its very possible to not paint for days but be taking care of business.

i'd sure rather be painting... i know that.


Justin Holdren said...

Mike, The "business" side has been keeping me busy lately too. Found a program called "Artists Butler" which has everything from inventory sheets to C.O.A.'s, and mailing list records. you can get the download at www.lynnsoft.net for $30.(they have a free sample download) Once all my info and inventory was in, it has made inventory and other recordkeeping easier.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks man. that software looks sweet. i might just check into it. i'm real low tech with inventory on flickr.com and on a spreadsheet. it's be great as is if the two were merged somehow. thanks for the tip.