Wednesday, June 4, 2008

From Radio Island to Raleigh

View of the State Port- 9x12 --SOLD

Aerial View of Market St- 8x20-- available
Boardwalk Afternoon- 9x12-- SOLD
St. Marys Chapel- NFS-- commission piece- sold

well lets see.... i put my bookbag pochade on my back and hiked around the edge of the water on radio island near beaufort yesterday and a day later i'm in front of St Marys college in raleigh. what a difference a day makes. thats some miles between paintings.

the one from the rooftop is looking up market st and is the same exact view as a previous post. that one was done at around 10. this one above was done at 3 pm. it would be interesting to have them side by side on a wall and see the difference in sun angle, temperature, and lighting effect.

the beach cottage painting was done on boardwalk st in atlantic beach. i love this old neighborhood with its cottages built in the 30's and 40's. i want to get back there soon and do some more.

i'm fooling around some more with the magenta drawing in the underpainting with neutral and slightly grayed home colors in a wash for the underpainting. then i bring up the color and use thicker and thicker paint as i progress. i have a little less bright colors peeking out but theres a richness and subtlety with this method i wasnt getting before. more like classic california plein air "old school" style. i'm liking it and several critics are telling me they like it better than anything i've been doing lately.

dont forget to keep checking the blog to register for the free painting giveaway this month. registration day will be announced and you have 2 days to register for the free painting.


Frank Gardner said...

Boardwalk Afternoon is sweet. Great design in that one.

mike rooney studios said...

i'm a sucker for a backlit scene with cottages and phone poles. i was very direct with the paint application in this one. had already done a few and was whacking on the paint on this one. the backlit objects all tie together and causes that strong solid feel. preesh. BTW did i tell you i absolutely love those two marsh paintings you did from maine. i've saved them on the computer so i can pick them apart and study them. WTG!

Frank Gardner said...

Ma. not Me., cool!

mike rooney studios said...

sorry yeah mass. Cape Cod right? was going to ask you those paintings have very little darks at the bases of the marsh grass. i know around here they are very dark. did you lighten them up or is that the way they looked to you. i ask because i want to do a few high key like you did them. thanks