Tuesday, June 17, 2008

In a New Gallery on Bald Head Island

Electric Clouds--8x6
email me if you want this one for $49

i'm pleased to say that i've been invited to show in a new gallery on Bald Head Island, south of Southport NC. i'll take a bunch of new work there in a couple of weeks and i'll give you the name of the gallery and directions on how to get there, when they open in a few weeks. it is really supposed to be a first class operation and i cant wait to see it in person.

glad to see galleries opening and not closing in this tighter economy. thats very encouraging isnt it?!

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Byrne Smith said...

I just saw your blog for the first time and like it, and, of course, your art. I started a blog about a month ago for boomers and retirees who want to start or restart their interest in art. My brother-in-law travels to Bald Head Island on business several times a year and saw about the new art gallery. I was wondering if you would add me to your list of links or blogroll (whatever)for any of the retirees or near-retirees in your audience? I would appreciate it and can reciprocate in my list of favorite links. The blog is called Orbisplanis, and the link is http://orbisplanis.blogspot.com/
You can also email at orbisplanis@gmail.com

Byrne Smith