Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Two Recent 6x8's

Bateaus (work and play) 6x8- $1 auction on ebay- click here
enjoyed finishing the boat painting above. its 100 here in carolina and when i finished this around noon i jumped in the water and cooled off. thats one thing neat about painting around the water in the summer. youre never far from a place to get wet.

heres my other favorite place to get wet.....

Waterfront Cottage- 6x8- $1 auction on ebay- click here
liked the shadows on the little cottage just steps from the new river which leads out to the ocean a few miles from where this was painted. cool area with shrimpers, crabbers and commercial fish houses all over.
i like hot weather but am praying for a bit of a cool down. i dont like when the sweat runs down the middle of my back in the middle of a paint stroke.


Frank Gardner said...

Dig the painting of the cottage. Looks like you found a good spot to set up there.
And in that photo too. That is some sky color.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks frank

i love painting these old beach cottages. so much history and many have lost their battle with the sea.