Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Urban Still Life and More

Fire Hydrant- 6x8
saw this cool chrome painted fire hydrant today and had to paint it. wilmington just painted all the hydrants downtown and they immediately caught my eye today. i loved the way it reflected the cool sky and also the warmth of the sunlit brick all while in partial shadow. this made it quite a challenge because there wasnt a clear delineation of light and shadow on the brushed chrome. i just had to paint what i saw squinting and hope for the best.

Smith Creek Lunch Break- 9x12


pulled off the shoulder of the road on a busy interstate in front of ILM airport to paint this creek scene. about the time i was finished the bird came and started looking for lunch in the shallows. Three people saw me around town painting and said "arent you the guy i saw painting on the side of the highway this morning?"

its amazing how i must stand out to people doing what i do. its not like you see a plein air painter everyday. i cant remember ever having seen one before i started doing it, so i guess i am a bit of a rarity.

I invite those in the wilmington nc area this month to stop by new elements gallery and see my show of all new paintings. i plan on having over 30 so there's quite a selection of subject matter and they run from loose, knifed, brushed, contemporary compositions, old school landscape, figurative, and still life.

and dont forget the free painting giveaway just days away. check back here daily to see the day to enter.

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