Saturday, June 21, 2008

Step by Step Demo

ive decided to do a detailed demo of how i take a plein air study and do a larger painting from it. the sequence will take a few days and will be pretty in depth. i love it when i see other artists do these demos and i thought you guys on here might like seeing one. artists and non-artists alike love to see how folks go about painting a painting. everybody seems to do it just a little bit different from everybody else. so here goes.

the first step is to get some lines on the new canvas after toning it all over with a magenta wash. then i take the magenta paint and draw the major lines. the small painting is a 6x8 study done on site so i can just measure where key lines start, end and intersect and double that measurement to go on the 12x16. in other words if the horizon line comes down two inches from the top on the study i'll measure down four inches. i do this with all the major shapes.

the next step is to see what the major darks are and paint them in straight magenta as a sort of simple monochromatic value study. this way i know whats in the shade and whats in the light. i feel very confident and tend to paint looser, and more authoritively when i feel like i have this value study working. i dont do any other color until i do. painting is about confidence as much as it is the other things we give more attention to.

tomorrow i'll show premixing the large shape colors and more.

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