Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm Baaaack

Beach House Awnings- 12x9
in the New Elements show in a few weeks

this one was done the day i painted in wrightsville beach last week.
i've been painting everyday but ive been besieged by personal problems. thats the only thing that can keep me from painting i think. my grand-dog got hit by a car and we fought the fight to keep him alive only to have to put him to sleep today and bury him. very emotional! cars breaking down, both mine (in the middle of nowhere while i was painting) and my wifes about a dozen times in the last few weeks. i wont go on.... but that gives you the idea of what kind of weekend its been. painting has helped me keep my sanity lately.
the thing i think i'm learning is to trust God and stay grateful even in the midst of these storms. good things must be right around the next corner.
i know this is not my usual blog fare but blogs are supposed to be a REAL look into the life of the blogger and things arent always rosy, right? it doesnt get any more real than that.
i'm back to my regular schedule tomorrow so posts will be more timely


anne h ward said...

hi mike...great for persevering! keep up good work. anne

mike rooney studios said...

thanks for the encouragement! gotta keep on keepin on right? the stress is already easing up a bit compared to the previous few days so things are looking up. want to paint with my mind get better results that way!

Frank Gardner said...

Sorry to hear about the dog Mike.
And the cars I guess. Hate when that happens. We are fighting a losing battle with ours at the moment too and it's the only one we have.
It is good to have a morning that I can catch up with all of your latest stuff.
Good luck with the new gallery!!
Gotta stay calm in the storms bro. that is one thing I have learned in the past few years. Can't always be painting, sometimes life gets in the way.

mike rooney studios said...

for some reason i cant get any sympathy except from other financially challenged artist LOL
everybody around here thinks i'm rolling in dough because i'm in so many galleries. they dont realize that has nothing to do with anything! losing the dog was real hard and very emotional for me and my grown son. wow.that and the car/truck breakdowns etc were almost too much. but i kept on painting and that helped. thanks for your empathy. it means alot to me.helps to know others know what its like. preesh!