Thursday, June 19, 2008

Looking Out Over the White Oak- 8x10

snuck onto a waterfront property today to bang this one out. loved how the house was perched over this wonderful view. my problem the whole way through the painting is the value of the yellow house in shadow. this is my nemesis. of all the difficult things for me in this craft called painting its yellow houses in shadow. how to keep them the right value AND keep it colorful. any tips? please comment below... thanks. i struggled with this painting hard today. most are a joy to paint. not this one!

written about 20 minutes later:

i just took the digital photo over to photoshop and took all the color out of it (making it black and white) and saw that the side of the house is too light in value. maybe thats why i'm not liking this thing. i'm going to darken the value and repost this one tomorrow. hopefully it will do the trick and i wont hate this thing so bad.

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