Friday, June 20, 2008

Rainy Day Plein Airs

Riverfront Twin Towers- 8x6. for sale at New Elements in a week.

painted this up on a parking deck under an overhang with a blowing rain. water and oil dont mix so that didnt mess up the spots of water occassionally hitting the canvas.
on this one i tried real hard to keep things cool in the light and warm in the shadows. this is where the magenta underpainting can be used for that. use lots of magenta in the shadows and when you put on the dark shape it mixes and warms up the shadow. Geez why didnt i think of that a couple of years ago! *)

Reflective Cafe- 8x6. for sale in a week at New Elements show in Wilmington

sat with the paintbox in my lap on this one. figured out i'm too old to sit on concrete for an hour and a half and then try to stand up. man, i felt my age for sure. it was slowly raining and got some cool reflections in the street. i've wanted to paint this for a while and when i saw it reflected in the street today i had to do it. sat under an overhang out of the rain

people look at me like i'm crazy when they see me painting in the rain like this. maybe i am!but i love it

the giveaway contest for the free painting is almost at hand. get ready to enter by watching the blog daily.

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