Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wrightsville Beach Awnings-SOLD

Another beach house painting from down the road in Wrightsville Beach. there's something about a beach house partly in shadow and partly in light thats irresistable. used this study to do a 9"x12". these little ones help you feel more confident when youre doing the bigger ones. looser you know?


Steve said...

Mike, I can smell the salt when I look at this picture.
On another topic, do you have a workshop/instruction schedule set up for 2009 as yet?
Thanks, and I really enjoy your work and your blog.

Steve said...

Mike, I just saw the list on this page-I was looking for it on you main web site...

patricia walsh said...

I love this picture and then looked at the rest of your blog and discovered that you are from family have our reunions there every summer. Absolutely beautiful color in this picture. What's the art climate like down there? My sister is moving down for good and I have been toying with the idea.

mike rooney studios said...

i have many of the dates on the right sidebar of the blog and then an update on todays (fri) or yesterdays post on some not yet on the sidebar. where are you and what month were you interested in taking a workshop?
i always post workshop stuff on the blog. you gave me an idea tho'. some may look for them on my website, so i need to put it on there too. thanks

Steve said...

Mike, I live in Ocean City, Md...about 350-400 miles from all of your events. I don't have a particular month in mind-depends on what I can work out with my wife...imagine that.