Thursday, March 26, 2009

Key West Stroll-6x6-SOLD

Here's what the scene looked like. i always take a photo during the painting just in case it gets cloudy or a big truck pulls up in front of me.
Gallery season is about to take off and i want to keep high quality small work on my blog here at reasonable prices so i've increased the cost to $75. This will keep me from just putting all the really sweet ones in a gallery (where i can make more money) and the ones i dont think much of on my blog.
if theyre $75 here i have as much incentive to put them on here as in the galleries. i may go back down to $50 next winter when my coastal galleries close again. We'll see.
Another reason i'm going up a little is that i cant keep up with demand right now. i've always said i wouldnt go up until i couldnt keep up with demand.
These little studies are still a real steal, as i sell paintings this size framed at my galleries for close to $300.


Frank Gardner said...

Looks and sounds like you had a great painting trip Mike. The Morris and Whitside news is good too.

mike rooney studios said...

as you know well, when you go on a trip like you did awhile ago, that you dont have time to blog em while your painting your brains out.
i've got lots of paintings to blog once i make a few corrections on em and shoot photos of them.

i'm really excited by the Morris Whiteside Gallery news as they are carrying a lot of artists ive admired for years (auster, torrez, jurick, rolph, bowler on and on). i've got my work cutout for me selling against this talent pool, but i'm focused on the goal.thanks man.
i'm missing key west already. next stop cape cod. i'll be contacting you before i go to get the skinny on where to paint etc.

Don Gray said...

Really nice piece, Mike--I can feel the warmth!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks man! it was hot.
flip flops, shorts, sweat. whats not to love?
what do you think of my little price hike? youve been selling consistently at your price point.will i regret it or was it a sound move considering these unprecedented times we live in?
i cant keep up doing them at $50, thats why i went up a little. my thought is if you dont want it for $25 more you really didnt want it in the first place. heck, dinner costs $25 at a restuarant these days.
whats your take?
chime in frank and bonnie and others, if youre out there following this thread...

Steve said...

Mike, another really nice picture!
I'd never presume to debate an artist about his prices-I'd bargain, yes, but never debate, because he/you know better than anyone how to price your work. I would guess that folks who can afford a $50 piece aren't spending rent/tuition/medication money/other last dollars on the work, so bumping it up a little shouldn't be too burdensome on them.
Look forward to seeing the rest of your Florida catalog!

Anonymous said...

I bought one of your little studies for $50 awhile back. I considered it a steal at the time, and still do. :) Daily Painters out there are charging $100. Don't "have a dog in this race," as I am not selling any of my work, only learning and loving it. Still, I think $75 is a great deal.

Frank Gardner said...

Mike, I have always thought that your work was priced way below it's value. In the end you need to determine your prices, but $75 bucks is a good deal.
You could ask more than that and your clients would still be happy.

mike rooney studios said...

pohocker- i think youre right that folks buying art arent foregoing the rent to buy them. thats a great point.
i've got lots more keys and charleston stuff ahead. when i was painting and hanging out with my delightful house guests, bob and sharman wilson, i didnt have time to shoot photos, and blog. i've gotten back home now and am getting to it. thanks for the input

anonymous- thanks for purchasing one of my paintings. my wife really appreciates it LOL
$50 was a FANTASTIC price and everybody knew (especially me) that they probably wouldnt stay there pricing policies always been (and most likely always be) let the market determine the prices. i looked the other day on a whim on the Dailypainters site that shows what i've sold since i got in and its somewhere in the neighborhood of 80% sold. i like that number but i'd rather be able to keep up at a slightly higher price for each one. i am in galleries too and have to not "trip over a dime trying to get to a dollar"

frank- appreciate that you thought it was worth more. you know when we're making art we're always thinking how we're going to do it "right" on the next one tomorrow, so we tend to undervalue what we produced this afternoon, right? had a gallery tell me that when they represent me in a few weeks they want all my gallery prices to go up SUBSTANTIALLY or they'll withdraw the offer. i'm scared as ^&&%$%^& to tell my current galleries they have to sell at my new prices. its a quandry because it doesnt sound like a good move on the surface. but i'd be in a gallery that only represents national talent and will put me on the national scene (where there's more money floating around) versus selling in eastern north carolina. career wise i'd go from being a big fish in a little pond to being a little fish in a big pond. i'm so torn on what to do. whats your take? p.s. just saw where eric merrill was in the morris whiteside Charleston Art Auction in 2008. didnt he paint with you guys on your new england trip?