Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tug on the Cape Fear-SOLD

Todays workshop in Morehead City went smooth as glass. i was teaching the cape cod underpainting technique where all the "sun shapes" get warm colors straight out of the tube and all the "shadow shapes" get cool pure color right out of the tube. then through a series of changes you transform it into the realistic color but keeping a fantastic feeling of light like monet and william merrit chase used to get.

todays painting of the tug comes from a reference photo i took from a tugboat trip i was invited on. i was painting down on the docks one day and one of the tug captains asked me if i wanted to ride along with him on some jobs. i was like "yeah"! so i took a few photos from the tug and this is one of the shots. the other tug on the job was running along parallel with us going to the job, turning a huge cargo ship around and pulling it up to the river mouth, out to the ocean. it was soooo cool. seeing this painting brings back all those great memories.
thats one of the cool things about being a plein air painter. you run into all kinds of cool people and situations. its "living on the edge" at its best!


anne h ward said...

mike....what a deal...plein air on a tugboat! bumpy? u caught the atmosphere. glad workshop was good. really sorry to have missed this one. maybe one of the next ones. have a great painting experience in the keys. tough assignment you put on yourself.

mike rooney studios said...

its a tuff job but somebody's gotta step up!
sorry you missed it too. we hated not having you to brighten the day like you have such a gift to do. maybe next time!