Monday, May 26, 2008

Free Painting Giveaway winner is.....

thanks to everyone that entered the free painting giveaway contest. sabrina in raleigh is the winner. congratulations!
for all of you that didnt win, keep watching this month for your next chance to win again!
Behind Everetts Seafood-6x8

heres how "behind everetts seafood" looked during the block in part of the painting. this is what i mean by getting scared at what it looks like before the painting is finished. if you do it right it should look very abstract and "scary" until the last third of the painting process. wow! you really have to have nerves of steel to keep going.

OMG! it scares me now to look at this . notice how nothing but the very large shapes are blocked in. thats why it doesnt look like anything yet. but as you break shapes into smaller shapes with realistic color, the more it looks recognizable.

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