Sunday, May 11, 2008

Another from Wanchese area

So far the high bid on Wanchese Sunset(see may 9th post below for pic and details) is $21 from C. in Maryland. will you bid higher (shipping is free in the u.s. on this one) or will she steal it at $21.

This is the block-in on one just done in Wanchese called "Pamlico Boathouses" - 8x20
i made sure i left alot of the magenta peeking thru on this rather overcast day. it seemed to go well warming up that muted dark greenish-purple marsh grass. the big storm that was around here for two days was on its way. i'm absolutely loving these really long panaromic formats.

click on the image to see the knifed in sky. very textural. not a great picture of the painting but you get the idea. check to see a way better photo of it in a few days.

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