Friday, May 9, 2008

Trouble with Blogger today

if youre like me you love and hate technology! i absolutely love it when it works and curse it when it doesnt.
today when i tried to upload the photos i had done as another mini-demo it wouldnt work. yesterday it wouldnt upload the DVD jpeg (thus the link to flickr i had to put in the text to get you over to it) now more problems with uploading. what the *^%^%&^
anyway i'm leaving nags head in a few more days so unless this problem corrects itself there wont be any pics. on top of that it started raining yesterday and today so i'm holed up in a room thats costing me money and am not producing anything that will pay for it! aaaaaghhghhhh.
thats my rant for the day. you can return to the regularly scheduled programming now. i feel MUCH better having gotten it out.
i feel like i can tell you anything! :)

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