Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Marsh Afternoon and Pochade Pics

dont forget the $1 auction on the painting posted yesterday (below this post) there are no bids so $5 could take it....(free shipping in u.s. for winning bid over $10)

also dont forget that i'm giving away a painting this month. watch the blog regularly for the day to enter. todays not the day. soon. very soon. even the shipping is free!

i promised you all a photo of my homemade lightweight pochade kit. its made out of a small cigar box (around 6"x8"). above i show where i attached a camera tripod mount to the top, not the bottom of the box. it rocks too much if you attach it to the bottom, i found. once you click the lid to the tripod heres what it looks like. i put plexiglass in the bottom of the box for a palette after i stain the bottom of the box magenta (same color i tone my canvases with when i paint. that way i'm comparing apples for apples when i'm mixing colors). this set up is really good in the wind because its low profile and small, not much to blow. the pochade fits in my backpack and the tripod straps onto the outside of it. the way i constructed this thing.... it will close and carry the wet painting back inside the box without getting messed up. how cool is that?

Marsh Afternoon- 6x8-oil on canvas board

Available- $49 + $11 s/h in the u.s.

First come first served, by emailing me at rooneystudios@hotmail.com

with title in subject line

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