Saturday, May 31, 2008

Living on the Edge- 8x10-SOLD

the more i do the block-in with a brush and then knife the topcoat the more i see its potential. i scrape all the block-in color off and start with all new mixtures made a different way (using different color mixtures) thats pretty close to the original shape's color. this gives you plenty of variety in every shape and makes it very interesting and of course being knifed, textural. click on the image and it'll go bigger and you can see the thick paint.

these houses, i'm doing lately, are only a few storms away from being taken out to sea. the water already runs under them on high tide during storms. they look to be circa 50's-60's so somebody got their moneys worth if they fall in the ocean tonight. hope they last for years tho'. i absolutely love painting in this old neighborhood of beach cottages.

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