Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Auction is Over

the winning bid for "behind fishermans village" was $30. congratulations connie in gaithersburg, maryland. i'll be in touch with the address you can send the check to, and the painting will go out right after that.

i will pick out of the hat the winner of the giveaway painting tomorrow. good luck to all who entered the contest. good luck! the giveaway is 3rd and Red Cross St. (image a few posts below)

had the last workshop of the spring 08 season today in jacksonville. we all had a good time and the weather cooperated and the sun came out and the rain stopped so we could paint outside.

thanks to all the folks who took workshops with me this spring. we had a good time learning how to capture a three dimensional image on a two dimensional canvas. easier said than done right? See all my students in the fall. have a great summer!

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