Wednesday, May 14, 2008

B.D. in new bern nc is the new high bidder on Wanchese Sunset (see image below or go to may 9th post to see what all this bidding stuffs about)
her bid is $40. you gonna let her steal this little slice of the outer banks off your wall for only $40? even the shippings free. thats worth $10! this auction is over friday.

several sealed bids are in for sky at sunset (see may 12th post on this one) have come in and theyre cheap so why not bid something to see if you win. they are not published like wanchese sunset, so you just have to figure out what youre willing to bid and hope for the best. no outbidding each other on this one. this auction will end friday as well.

Workshop was a total success. Jan at carolina creations gallery did a fantastic job of hosting a dozen painters for two days. she had maps for everyone of where we were and where we were going and coffee and food the first morning, made sure everybody had what they needed, and she painted with us too. Thanks Jan!
everybody was stretched and prodded into new methods and directions by my class but everybody should feel a little out of sorts when theyre trying something new for the first time. i taught on how to block in big shapes and how to keep things simple and colorful.
i did a 40 min, knife painting so everybody could see how its done and they seemed to enjoy watching it come together.
wow! i am always so wiped out after a workshop because i go non-stop to try to deliver the 'goods' and when its over i just die. many who took this one this week said they would sign up for the workshop i'm planning in morehead city this fall. gotta feeling there will be a waiting list on that one!
more later after i guzzle some Red Bull! yeeehaaaa


Pat W said...

I'm one of the painters who took Mike's workshop in New Bern. Terrific-- loosened up my tight style big time and had a ball doing it. (Okay, to be truthful, Mike worked our butts off, but it was worthwhile). Dead tired but I bet I won't sleep tonight-- too excited about using my new techniques!! Pat W.

Frank Gardner said...

Red Bull, blahg! I'd rather drink my turps.
Glad to hear the workshop was a success!
I am always wiped out after a class. Both sides of your brain working overtime. Talking and creating.

mike rooney studios said...


thanks thats kind of you. you sure did loosen up and i think you'll for sure integrate some of that into your work and find a level of tight vs loose that your 100% comfortable with. glad i could help in some small way with that. i know i have a fast paced workshop. so much to learn, so little time. imagine if i drank the red bull during the class instead of after LOL
thanks for stopping by the blog!

frank- red bull in nectar from mount olympis my friend and almost as expensive as gasoline. i had an internet, marketing session during lunch so i literally talked from 9 am to 5 pm. and painted a little 8x10 demo, too, then drove an hour home. dude needless to say at 49 i'm feeling it! it was a great class and made up for last weeks fiasco. such is life. BTW do they sell red bull in mexico. if not i wont be coming down to paint with you till they do. LOL

Frank Gardner said...

Claro que si amigo. I only tried it once, don't remember if I spit it out or swallowed it. LOL
The ad campaign says "te da alas" it gives you wings.
I'm a coffee and coca cola guy myself.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the last two days of fun & the experience of painting outdoors. I must admit you made it look easy. Unfortunately, I found it difficult to change my style of painting, but I will not give up and have in fact gone out and bought several small boards to start practicing my new "learned" (and I say that loosely) method of using the palette knife. I will prevail!!
Cheryl A.

Cheryl said...
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mike rooney studios said...

Frank- tell me i didnt hear you say you spit out red bull. you have a drinking problem LOL

Cheryl- workshops give you new tools and shouldnt change your style or the way you work. BTW, the knife just takes a little practice to get used to it. once you get it down you'll love what it can do. thanks for taking the class and i hope we can do it again

Anonymous said...

What a blast we had at the New Bern workshop. It was truly worth while. Everyone left with a new perspective on art, marketing and the blog.
John,Anne,Carol,Cherl,George,Meredith,Susan and I have joined the block in club. Contact Mike to see what it is.
happy painting