Saturday, May 3, 2008

Workshop update part II

The Belltower at State- 12x9

we finished up the second day of the two day raleigh workshop today, again with beautiful weather and light.

two more joined us today that have 'real' jobs during the week and couldnt make yesterday. we did block-in exercises/warmups this morning and we painted the infamous NoFo restaurant in historic Five Points after lunch there.

Everybodys paintings were awesome. so many people who saw us painting said " i wanna paint!!!!" they were so jealous because we were having such a blast!

everybody enjoyed themselves, and had really nice finished pieces at the end of the day. when i can see the light shapes separate from the shadow shapes in everybodys painting i know ive done my job right!

next two workshop dates are this coming saturday in manteo. and two days that next week at carolina creations in new bern. check the right hand side of this blog for exact dates and times and contact me if youre interested in signing up. i dont do summer workshops so this month is it until fall!

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