Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday May 9 second post of the day

thought you guys might like to see my 'quickdraw setup'. i jump out stand on the tailgate and throw the french easel on top of the truck. i use a more limited palette and try to do a small painting in half hour or so. when the suns dropping fast thats really all you have time for.
Wanchese Sunset- 6x12 AUCTION PIECE FOR THE WEEK- bid $1 and win! See below for details!

Starting a new thing!!!

my ebay stuff was a smash this winter and the free painting giveaway too, so i've decided to start a new thing on the blog. on ebay i did small paintings that werent as "finished out" (ie took less time to complete) and auctioned them off for cheap. it was a huge success. so now, i want to do the same thing here and cut out ebay fee. i'll post the small painting and open the bidding at ONE DOLLAR! i'll leave the painting on the blog auction for a week. as i get bids i'll post on the blog what the highest bid is so people can bid a little more and win the painting. the highest bidder will win the painting even if its only $1.
the other day i auctioned off a 16x20 painting i did as a demonstration and the winning bid was $20. imagine winning a $500 (if it had a frame on it) for $20!
it was so much fun i'm doing it here. you could win this painting for $1 if youre the highest bidder. but dont count on somebody letting you steal it for only a dollar!
so do i hear one dollar, one dollar, one dollar.
email me at to bid. Right now $1 will be the high bid and you could be the winner. Bidding ends next friday night may 16th.
Very Important-Put the name of the painting or auction in the subject line or i wont open the email for fear of viruses.
Shipping is free on all winning bids over $10 (in the u.s.)
winning bids under $10, shipping in the u.s. is $5.00.

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