Thursday, May 1, 2008

Workshop and I won a Free painting!

one from the archive. did this last early summer in charleston. it was like... 100 degrees that day and 90% humidity so they said the heat index made it feel like 110 degrees. i think i was using acrylic back then, thus the hard edges. i like oils wayyyy better.

painted two in raleigh today but dont have good light to photograph them. i did a popular little old neighborhood grocery store on oberlin road called "Community Grocery" and then the NC State belltower on hillsboro street. folks love landmarks in the raleigh market. sales are a little slow until the tourists show up at the coast (around memorial day) and i need some "shore things".

teaching a two day workshop at artsource tomorrow and saturday and then painting a free demonstration at jerrys artarama on sunday. then off to ocracoke to paint. hope to get what i painted today on here tomorrow.

talk about kharma... i entered another artists free giveaway contest for a painting and i won!

i gave away a painting this week and then i win one. how about that!?


Ed Terpening said...

Karma's real! This painting is great, wonderful light. I can't believe you painted that in acrylic. You must have layed down the right color the first time, right? That's what I love about oil, it is such a forgiving medium.

mike rooney studios said...

yeah acrylics on 100 degree days outside are no picnic for sure. i went to oils shortly after getting back from charleston and absolutely love oils. at least if you dont nail the color the first time you can keep messing with it until its right.not so with acrylics. and weird thing i was painting with acrylic trying my hardest to make em look like oil so you saying it looks that way is COOL! thanks ed