Friday, May 2, 2008

Workshop update

Teaching in raleigh today and we had beautiful light and temps. here are two of the students hard at work. if painting was ever hard or work....

connie from gaithersburg, maryland really gets into her painting. Literally! it is all over her face, hands, and arms. she was covered in paint from the first exercise at 10 am until we quit at 5. she's a hoot.

rob, my vet buddy from goldsboro looks like all those pro plein air painters from the midwest like scott christiansen doesnt he?
he's catching on to this outdoor painting thing like a champ. where he's standing looks like a quiet wooded area when in reality he's standing a few feet from Oberlin Rd. where cars wiz by about a thousand every hour. he looks unfazed doesnt he. the sign of a future plein air pro. rob used to work on a painting for thirty hours and since taking my workshops is down to about three hours each and has sold six paintings in the last few months. way to go Rob!
more tomorrow.....

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