Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Amber Glass Bowl-big 8x10-SOLD

'07 and 'o8 STUDIO SALE
These paintings have been hanging around in my studio too long and want new homes. these 8x10's are priced at '09 6x6 prices. and shippings free too!

these (of course) sold for much more than this in '07 and '08 right?! my 8x10's in '09 are selling framed for $350.

theyre not dated so...... what a steal! get 'em while they last.

This was a classic "cape cod underpainting" style painting of a cool glass bowl, done plein air in the sun. computer monitors cant capture the subtle temperature shifts you'll see in the different areas of the glass and shadow. i especially like the little reflection in the shadow, where it looks prismatic! that was fun to capture!

Looks like my painting trip to Cape Cod is developing. looks like i'll be leaving the 16th of August. i've been wanting to paint there since i started plein air painting and it looks like its going to happen very soon. i cant wait to paint in provincetown... hensche, hawthorne, sovek, gruppe the list goes on and on. i'ms sooooo stoked!

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